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What We Do

MYNFREL works to strengthen democratic representation toward a democracy thriving society where citizens can fully enjoy their democratic rights by;

1. Safeguarding free and fair elections

 Regular free and fair election is one of the key elements of democracy and functions as a veritable platform for citizens to implement the truly democratic representation. To endorse genuine democratic election, MYNFREL undertakes

  • Election Observation
  • Electoral Legal Framework Reform through Coordination and Advocacy
  • Research

2. Promoting well-informed participation of citizens in democracy and electoral process.  

We informed participation of citizens is one of fundamental element in democracy. Right to vote, right to run election and participating in political process is basic right of civil and political rights of human rights. Under this concept, MYNFREL implements

  • Civic Education
  • Voter Education
  • Informing Voters about Electoral Process

Civic And Voter Education

First Time Youth Voters for 2020 project is ongoing project that implements nationwide in Myanmar by MYNFREL and Hornbill organizations by coordination with the Union Election Commission (UEC) funded by the International…Read More

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Election Observation

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Civic Education Forum (MYNFREL)

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